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I have often wondered about the ability of the chosen few who are able to communicate with nature and animals, through whispering.  Is this an inherent quality; are they born that way and how exactly do these ‘whisperers’ carry out their communications?  Do they softly whisper pssst …   pssst into the ear of the animal concerned as they gently waft by, and if so, how would this be achieved where the animal had the height and bulk of, for example, an elephant or giraffe?  Or, do they stand two feet away, swinging a pendulum back and forth, and chant ‘go to sleep my lovely; all is well in your world’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking this whispering talent in the least.  As a matter of fact I have tried it at home on my cat.  After propping my decidedly overweight Siegfried up against a pillow on my bed, and gazing intently into his tawny eyes, I silently willed him to say something, anything at all, that he felt he needed to share with me.  Well one minute later and with the scorn and contempt I obviously deserved, he yawned widely, turned his back on me and went back to sleep.

Still, not to be defeated after a first attempt, I descended on the family dog, who had just returned from burying his bone in a bed of marigolds.  To start with he looked pretty interested, granting me the occasional pant and lopsided grin. Kneeling in front of him, I gingerly whispered “Okay Mountbatten, sit still, focus and give me something.  Think of beef cubes, biltong and chicken”, I continued. “Now which do you prefer?”   Just a minute: Was that slight arch of a furry eyebrow a sign that I was getting through to him?  Whoa, hold on, he’s also narrowing his eyes and oh my goodness would you look at that, the fur has suddenly raised on his back.  Pity I never saw the next thing coming, which can probably be explained by the fact that I had suddenly been flattened underfoot by one Great Dane, who had taken off across the lounge like a rocket ship.   “Mountbatten, come back here at once and quit chasing after Siegfried”.   Editor

We invited Irvin Sammons, an Animal Communicator, to tell us a bit more on the subject and he kindly sent us this short article :


By Irvin Sammons

To have the knowledge and the ability to communicate with animals is a ‘mind-blowing’ experience, which can escalate your consciousness into new and exciting dimensions !  A fact which many people find hard to believe, is that everyone is capable of communicating with animals.  We all have the gift of intuition which forms the basis of animal whispering, whether we believe it or not.  It merely takes good training and a lot of practice to become a proficient animal communicator.

My journey began in November 2006 when I attended an introductory course in animal communication. This introduction successfully laid the foundation which was to open me up to a world I had never dreamed possible.  Although only basic information came through initially from the animals I communicated with, (favourite treats, favourite games, likes and dislikes), I knew that this was only the start ….

For the next year I communicated with the animals of just about everyone I knew, my aim being to get in as much practice as possible!  I then followed through with further training, Intermediary, Advanced and finally the Masters course in communication.

Before I go any further, let me say that animal communication is not some airy fairy weird tool that is only used by mystics.  Thankfully at the turn of the twentieth century, quantum physics became man’s new best friend and explained how thought in the form

of energy, was transmitted between all living things.  Although a great deal of further explanation is required in the history and development of physics from Newton and Einstein to Bohm, recent advances of Puthoff’s Zero Point Field provide an explanation as to how we are able to communicate with animals, concluding that everything in the universe is comprised of energy, that these energies are linked and therefore, it is feasible that we can both transmit and receive various forms of energy, opening us up to the world of communicating with animals and other forms of life.

Animal communication is quickly becoming a necessary tool for pet owners.  As the stresses and pressures in our lives increase, it too increases in the lives of our animals and pets.  Illness and strange behaviours are on the increase and owners are generally left without any sort of certainty as to what the initial cause is.

Through communicating with them, a wealth of information is uncovered, sometimes sad, but the majority of the time, all good !  A typical communication may take place on site at a client’s home, or through photographs of the pet.  A connecting ‘link’ is created between the person and the animal, after which it progresses through a typical ‘question/answer’ type conversation.  Answers are received intuitively and then written down and relayed to the owner.

One very memorable communication I did last year was with a dog Max, who had been suffering from cancer for about two years.  His owner had approached me to get a better understanding of what Max was going through and if there was anything more that he could still do to help Max.  Also whether his own personal problems and life were affecting the dog.

On occasion, I also have the intuitive assistance of my own two dogs, Jesse and Enzo, who provide insight with certain case studies and they were both present during my consultation with Max.

Summary of communication report:

“Enzo brought through the youth that Max had once had.  How he had loved the occasional walks and times that he had been to the park with his owner. Jesse’s message related more to animals in general and how in time and with age, their energy and stamina waned.  They tended to sleep more, were calmer and had more aches and pains than they would have liked. But that they were humbler and wiser and experienced more love than any human counterpart could ever dream of.  They were here to follow their own soul paths and journey, much like we were.  And, as undoubtedly as they had loved unselfishly throughout their lives, the time would come when they would ask for our own unselfish love and support, as their journey neared to an end.

Max revealed to me that he had accepted his cancer and was preparing to cross over.  His message was that he did not fight cancer, that he regarded it as a friend.  It was in him and a part of him – how could he not like it.  He asked for his owner to respect it as he did, and that his owner’s stresses were not serving either of them well.”

As can be seen, communications follow a normal conversation, very closely.  My partner Amber and I, run Crystal Whispers Therapy Oasis.  Apart from animal communication, we also do Reiki consultations for both animals and people, from our rooms in the south of Johannesburg.